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Wednesday 1 December 2021


Terms & Conditions for Granting Representativeness

If having necessary conditions and wanting to obtain a representative of the company, download the document below and fax or email them to the company after completion.

1- Property area (store and warehouse): 100 to 150 square meters,

2- Location of the property: located in the main street of suitable industrial areas,

3- Status of ownership: 100%,

4- Accommodation status: being residence in the city where the application is made,

5- Presenting the certificate of no criminal record,

6- Not committed any act of bankruptcy,

7- Presenting videos and photos of the store from different angles on a CD.


Phone: (+98) 021- 44922735

Fax: (+98) 021- 44922737, 44922726

Email: Saleseng3@irradiator.com

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