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Engineering & Research and Development

Radiator Iran

Benefiting from its experienced and specialized experts, the engineering department of Radiator Iran Company has been able to design and mass-produce a variety of products, including different types of industrial heat exchangers, car air conditioners, radiators and heaters for passenger cars, vans, buses and trucks. This is possible using global knowledge, new and modern software such as CATIA, ANSYS, ASPEN and HTRI.

It should be noted that all designs processes are based on valuable standards such as TEMA, ASME, ASTM, PSA, JIS and KES.

Among the most important activities of the engineering department in Radiator Iran Company, the following can be mentioned:

  • Thermal design, software calculations and necessary analyzes,
  • Preparation of two- and three-dimensional maps of parts and assemblies
  • Preparation of engineering documents and archiving of project documents
  • Estimating consumer items and analyzing product prices.

Also, the Research and Development (R&D) department applies new engineering ideas to increase efficiency and improve quality of its products and services. It always seeks to play a pioneers role in providing new engineering services and technologies in the industry.

The tasks include:

  • To optimize product, study and review of proposals as to improve product quality
  • To review and evaluate suggestions and requirements of clients, and determine the appropriate method for its implementation
  • To design new products in terms of standard and economic structure.
Radiator Iran