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About Radiator Iran

As the first radiator manufacture in the country, Radiator Iran Company was established in 1962, with an annual production capacity of 15,000 to 30,000 of car radiators.

Capacity and power

At the present, Radiator Iran Manufacturing Co. is among the leading manufacturers of car radiators and heat exchangers in the Middle East, with an investment of 300 billion RLS covering a production line area of 15,000 square meters. Equipped with laboratories, warehouses, and research, commercial, administrative and financial departments within an area of 31,000 square meters, as well as owning a number of 350 specialized staff, the company produces a wide range of copper/brass radiators, aluminum radiators and cooling systems such as car heaters and huge heat exchangers for different industries.

Today with an annual production capacity of over 2,000,000 radiators, the company plays the major role in the supply of copper/ brass radiators, aluminum radiators, radiator repair parts and replacement nets for automotive companies and spare parts market. Further, its shares are up more than 60% of the domestic market.

Scope of activity

Possessing technical skills, design knowledge, advanced equipment and experienced specialists, Radiator Iran Co. operates in the field of design and manufacturing of industrial and heat exchangers such as high pressure cooling systems for water and steam turbines widely used in international projects like Karkheh, Dez, Karun 3, Masjid Soleiman and Gotvand power plants, where all phases of design, construction and installation have been approved by reputable international companies such as SIEMENS. Moreover, the company deals with designing and manufacturing of different types of water, air and oil cooler radiators for Deutsch, M&M and Hitachi generators; steel air-air, air-oil and air-water exchanger for high-pressure compressors; standard units required for induction furnaces, electric arc furnaces and heat exchangers in the petroleum sector.

Continuing Development

Since the early 2004, Radiator Iran Co. launched new production lines for aluminum products with the annual supply of 2,000,000 parts of aluminum radiators commonly required in automotive industry.